Web Developer

Always striving to create an amazing backend while still providing a usable and proficent front-end.

It was a rainy day...

Well truthfully I don’t know if it was raining, or sunshine when I was born, but I do know that I was born on June 2, 1991 and my name is James Thomas Ray. Now why is that a significance? Well I don’t really know yet, I would like to say that is the day the greatest developer was born, but that is yet to be seen. I could say that from an astrological standpoint, I am redundant. I am a Gemini which is the symbol for the twins. Thomas, my middle name, means twins. I was born half way through the calendar year, splitting it in two. I was born on the 2nd day. My full name can mean Protector of the Supplanting Twins. I have two mind sets about everything. The number 2 fills my life so strongly…. but then again, I like to look on a scientific aspect of everything.

And guess what, science says it is all just a coincidence. Well, phooey, so now we are back to woulda coulda said about me. So let’s get to the facts. I have a beautiful wife and two kids. I am a web developer looking to expand my knowledge into graphics and web design, which just happens to be my degree (Bachelor in Graphics and Web Design, web design concentration). This is my first year pursuing this degree, but not my first time trying college. I have never cared for school, and when I tried college before I was already fighting with depression, and was taking a degree I didn’t think would help me pursue my career.

As far as where I live. Well I was born in Peru…. no not that one. Peru, Indiana. The circus city capital. My mother got a job at IU right as I was finishing Junior High, so we moved to Bloomington, IN and I started high school. In high school my art classes I took were graphics design course, ceramics, and photography. Photography had to be one of the best classes for me. Not because it taught me a lot (which it did), not because I wanted to pursue photography as a career (which I thought about), but because that was where I met my wife, Courtney.

Now she has been in a similar spot as me with school. Depression has made it hard, and neither of us knew exactly how to go doing what we wanted. She tossed around ideas like Child Services, Therapy, Movie Director, and more. She finally has landed on getting a literature degree and pursuing a position as an editor. Personally I could never do that. I am not a big fan of reading. I don’t even read my favorite book series, The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.

Anyways to continue more about me, I have two wonderfully smart kids, and they help inspire me to make my life better so I can make their lives better. They are both like their mother in that they like to read, but even I get so much enjoyment out of sitting there with them reading to them. And I get to share an excitement with my daughter. At four years old she has started having us read chapter books to her. The series she likes reading you ask? Well that would be The Magic Tree House series. The one I loved as a kid.

On to more about me. I have been self-teaching myself programming for the last 10 years, and love how much it is grown in just that small amount of time. That is what draws me so much with programming. It is always growing, so it is always a challenge. I have held a couple jobs where I developed sites. The first one is for a friend of mine, and due to monetary and time constraints I was never able to get it debugged. But you can see it at http://taversia.net I am currently working on my custom CMS (content management system), that will take over that site. I have also worked for a company called Clean Router (http://cleanrouter.com/) where they created router’s to help keep adult content out of the household. I worked on the administration pages, networking shares, and more. Currently, I am working for a company called RWCD(http://rwcd.net). We are currently live, but still adding new features. The site will allow customers to easily access their information and transactions that the company handles with them.

As far as any other likes, my music collection is very vast with at one time about 1TB of music (to be fair, I didn’t listen to most of it because I prefer favorites). Currently I use Google Play Radio to listen mostly and occasionally YouTube. My genres of choice start at Electronic and most of its sub-genres, then go anywhere depending on mood from country to rock to opera. I listen to very little rap or hip-hop.